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Make a positive impact with your investment portfolio.

Who We Serve

We work with family offices, accredited investors, and institutions who believe--like we do--that purposeful investment in cannabis can have far reaching benefits for not only their own portfolios but also the long-term health of people and the planet. We are passionate about what we do and the seasoned investors we work with have a similar passion for directing capital beyond impact.


Accredited Investors gain access to carefully vetted opportunities through our online platform.

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Wealth Managers & Financial Planners


Ways to invest

MAZAKALI offers access to cannabis related investments in several ways to fit your needs

Direct Investments

  • Minimum starting at $25,000
  • Investor on cap table
  • tax benefits
  • no investment fees

MAZAKALI Syndicate

  • pooled investment (SPV)
  • minimums starting at $2,500
  • MAZAKALI represents  Syndicate for the duration of the Investment
  • investment fees apply

Managed portfolio

  • Separately managed account (SMA)
  • Minimum $1MM
  • investor on cap table
  • tax benefits
  • investment fees apply

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Gratefully servicing the cannabis industry since 2016

“Understanding the various sectors & nuances of the cannabis industry is a full time job. We do the heavy lifting and provide investors with access to investment opportunities which we believe meet a strategic set of criteria to succeed.”

Craig Piatti

“Our focus and insights for cannabis investor education goes beyond the standard. We enable individuals and institutions alike to make successful investment decisions that make a positive impact for people, planet and profits.”

Diane Strauss
Communications Director, MAZAKALI


Our Selection Process

We evaluate thousands of companies annually and less than 1% of companies are selected for investment

industry expertise

We have been investors in cannabis since 2014 and leverage our industry understanding and relationships with a focus on quality over quantity

skin in the game

MAZAKALI has a stake in every company which receives investment; we strive to be a long term partner to portfolio companies beyond capital

The average portfolio’s missing component

MAZAKALI believes cannabis will prove to be one of the best performing asset classes over the coming decades.