Imagine: Cease Seizures with Cannabis

As I reached home after three long days of working ‘banker’ hours, I experienced a crash unlike anything I had felt before. My over-worked immune system and stretched stress levels were wreaking havoc on me, and I felt my body begin to shut down. I decided to drive over to my girlfriend’s house for some much needed rest and recovery.Five minutes into my drive I had my first grand mal seizure while stopped at a red light. I didn’t know it at the time, but my shoulder muscles began to separate from my bones while shattering my expectations of what life might look like going forward. I awoke in an ambulance disorientated but extremely lucky despite the pain. The intense spasms that tore apart my shoulders had spared my bones from being fractured, and no one else had been hurt.Many of my fears about failure and my need for external validation were subsiding. I was losing the facade of who I needed to be, an unintended yet welcome consequence of my journey. The drive that had gotten me to a top business school and positions in some of the largest companies in America had been refocused to find a better solution than the ineffective pharmaceuticals I was being prescribed.My research took me to Portland to explore CBD, the second best known cannabinoid after THC. To my amazement and delight, I found a community of cultivators, extractors, scientists, doctors and engineers motivated by personal need and less concerned with social stigma. I began to understand why ~30% of epileptics can’t address their seizures with prescription drugs alone. I learned firsthand that the wonderful properties of the cannabis plant include its ability to address seizures. After a year of living a very compromised life I had finally found my panacea.Once I learned how to keep myself seizure-free I became determined to help improve the quality of life for those around me. I launched Soulful Medibles in the fall of 2013 and began to make tinctures, oils, factional distillates, rice crispy treats and the now iconic Soulful gummy. By 2015, I had been seizure-free for two years, I was motivated to help as many people as possible deal with pain and epilepsy, and the Soulful gummy had made it to #43 on GQ’s list of the top fifty foods in the United States.The merger of form and function in the Soulful gummy is about combining medicinal objectives with aesthetic appeal. The CBD compounds that provide anxiety relief in low doses address seizures by reducing activity in the limbic system of an epileptic. While our understanding of the depth and complexity of what the cannabis plant offers us is continually expanding, I feel extraordinarily blessed to have been able to help thousands of people regain control of their lives over the past three years.I look forward to the day when not a single person has to experience uncontrollable and unexpected seizures. Cannabis is uniquely qualified to help us get there.Michael LewisCEO, Soulful Medibles

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